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Ep 168 | All You Need to Be is the Good Enough Mom with Susan Landers - REPLAY

November 8, 2022

Hey Winner,

How do you do it? That is a question asked of working mamas. How do I balance a career and a family. Can I have both? Do I have to pick? I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to pick, and you can have both! Sometimes we have seasons where our work is a bit busier or our family life takes more of our time, but you absolutely don’t have to – and shouldn’t have to – choose.

If you’re feeling called into the workplace, you can create a work-life balance that is sustainable for you. Does it come with challenges? Oh yeah. What doesn’t? Life is challenging! If you’re called to be a stay-at-home mama, that’s amazing! If you’re feeling called to the workplace or need to be in the workplace, God will provide a way for you to be both a good worker and a great mom.

My guest today, Susan Landers, is an example of being able to create a productive work life and great medical career while also maintaining her faith and guiding her children while they grew up in church.

Spiritual growth has been a beacon in her journey, as she has had her share of challenges, including suffering through an episode of postpartum depression at the age of 40 after the birth of her third child, and having to work with her husband through a crucial time in their marriage.

Rooting for you ~ Gabe





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