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Ep 151 | How to Grow Through What You Go Through So You Can Stay Tough in Tough Times

July 12, 2022

Hey Winner!

It seems strange that, in order for your muscles to get stronger, you need to essentially tear them first. In order to get stronger, that’s exactly what we do each strength training session. We perform our bicep curls and leg lifts in order to create micro-tears in our muscles so that they recover stronger. Over time, as long as you’re working it right, these micro-tears will work together to create a greater muscle mass. You have to break down your muscles so they can grow stronger.

We can adopt a similar concept through our challenges. Each challenge is like a micro-tear; it can feel painful in the moment, but as we recover, if we allow that micro-tear (or pain) to heal properly, our challenge will make us stronger.

Airplanes fly because of the friction in the wingspan. The difference in the pressure above and below the wing creates a force on each that lifts the wing up into the air and allows the plane to fly. 

It is curious how a bee is even able to fly, considering its makeup, but it can. A bee’s wings are not rigid; they twist and rotate during flight. The short, quick, and sweeping motions from front to back are what create enough lift to make it possible. Bees need resistance in order to fly.

Just as muscles need to tear to get stronger, and airplanes need friction in order to fly, and bees need resistance to get into flight, we also can’t have victory without a struggle. We grow through the challenges we endure.

Rooting for you ~ Gabe


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