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Ep 145 | Is Balance Possible When You Have a Goal? - with Sara Jimenez

May 24, 2022

You are a busy working mama, and your season is full. I get it! You have a goal you’d like to work on for yourself, but you just don’t really know if it’s possible to go after that goal and still have balance in your life. You’re asking the question, is balance even possible when you have a goal?

Well, I can tell you first-hand that I’ve thought both ways – balance isn’t possible and you have to sacrifice everything to go after a goal (old me), and now I know balance is completely possible and you can still be present in your life while working toward a goal (new me). How? By understanding the season you are in and understanding how to break that goal down into manageable bites.

Today I have my good friend Sara here with me to share more about how to have both – balance and a goal. She has gone through the hot mess mom express, but she found a breakthrough realizing she was living the way she was based on beliefs that dictated her actions and that she didn’t have to live that way any longer, all she had to do was change, and that’s what she decided to do.

Rooting for you ~ Gabe





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