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Ep 104 | Diet Mentality vs Food Freedom as a Christian // Finding Your Worth in Jesus

November 23, 2021

Last week Cat Sharp shared her food freedom story going from binge eating to finding her freedom and worth through Christ, not through diet. It was such a powerful story, so if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to go back and take a listen so you can know where we’re going today. I’m bringing Cat back on to help us learn how to eliminate the diet mentality for good and to find food freedome ourselves. 

After decades of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and binge eating, Cat Sharp stopped seeking answers in the world and started seeking them in God’s Word. As a result, Cat has lost over 100 pounds and is now a Certified Life Coach with a passion for helping Christian women break the shame of the diet cycle and find peace and health in their bodies. She believes that the principles of caring for our physical bodies are beautiful, mini representations of the concepts of discipleship. She loves to help her clients see the bigger picture of what glorifying God in our bodies truly means.


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My own food story: https://redhotmindset.com/how-i-stopped-giving-in-to-diet-culture-and-overcame-my-eating-disorder-episode-82/

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