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139 | Biblical Care for Moms - The Self-Care You Desperately Need to Refuel with Sasha Robertson

April 26, 2022

Have you struggled with the idea of taking time for yourself because you’re just too busy to even think about it?

I used to feel that way too, like I had no time for myself because I was always so worried about being everything for everyone. My house was a mess, I couldn’t keep up with the household chores, my work, the kids’ activities, and I was a hot mess!

All I wanted was a little bit of me-time to refresh and refuel, but I never seemed to find it. I always put myself last. I’d say my cup was always near empty, and that’s a hard way to live. 

I don’t believe I’m the only one who has struggled with taking time out to recharge, and I’m not one to do all the worldly self-care things. For me, self care means I’m filling my cup so I have something to give. It helps me be a better wife and mom and friend and worker. 

That’s why today I’m bringing on my new friend Sasha to share more about what Biblical care for moms looks like, how it’s different from the world’s meaning, and how to practically implement it into our busy lives – and why we need to. 

Sasha Star Robertson is an Intentional Living & Biblical Mindset Coach for moms, wife of 12 years to her best friend, boy mom (blessed by adoption), travel addict, and Jesus freak. She is the founder of The Intentional Abundance Co., co-creator of the IAM coaching system, curator of the Life & Goals Planner, and host of the Intentional Abundant Life Podcast. 

Let’s step into the fire with Sasha!

Rooting for you ~ Gabe





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