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5 Ways to Use Sunday’s Message in Your Quiet Time

May 6, 2021

How often do we go to church on Sunday, feel inspired and motivated to do something different, but by the time we get home, we forget what we just heard as we go about our everyday life? Church and life shouldn't be separate; they should be intertwined. Understanding how to take what you heard, ensure it lines up scripturally, and then doing something with it is the basis for Christian living.

Today we’ll talk about five different steps you can use to take what you learn on Sunday and study it further and apply it to your life throughout the week.

I created a free study that is going to help guide you in your own quiet time. It's not meant to give you all the answers. It's meant to ask you good questions so you can do your own research, reflection, and analysis of what you hear and where you're feeling called through it. Let it be a guide as you are in your prayer time and seeking God's voice.

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