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Ep 140 | 6 Tips to Create White Space for Yourself - How to Find ME Time in the Busy-ness of Motherhood

April 29, 2022

Hey Winner,

Finding ME time can be quite taboo these days, but creating white space in your life can affect how you show up. When you have peace in the midst of a busy season, you show up rested and ready to tackle whatever comes. Peace comes from creating that time for yourself to just be. The quiet is a place to think, pray, and be creative.

The white space, the quiet, is good for us! In the noisy world we live in, we think we need to have background noise 24/7, but that's just not the case. The quiet isn't distracting. God can speak to us in the quiet.

But, I know you're thinking, "Gabe! I am in the busiest part of motherhood yet, or I feel like I am. How in the world can I find even 5 minutes for white space in my life?"

I hear ya, and I'm right with you. I felt the same way. Every second of my day was filled with something, and if I did have a few minutes, I'd turn on music or a podcast or scroll social. It was like quiet was my enemy because I was so used to all the noise. BUT when I let go of all the noise I created and actually made time to listen to my own thoughts, my days became more peaceful and rested — even with the busy schedule I still hold.

Want to know my 6 tips to create white space in your life and to create a little ME time in the busy-ness of motherhood? Then let's dive in!

Rooting for you ~ Gabe



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