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138 | Creating Systems and Routines Around Your Goal - How to Get to the Finish

April 22, 2022

Hey Winner,

Having a goal is a great thing (and I want you to have one), but without some systems or routines in place to create the space for you to work on it, you may never get to the finish line you were hoping for.

I remember back to early motherhood when I first began really dreaming again and creating goals around those dreams. I always felt so disorganized, and all I wanted was to find a way to change that so I could find time to do something for myself and focus on a goal that could make an impact. I knew I had just as much time as everyone else, but I had a hard time creating systems or routines that could help me accomplish this.

Over the years, I've figured out a few things and really dedicated myself to understanding how to create systems that work for the busy motherhood season I'm in, and now I want to share them with you.

What do these systems look like, what are the top 3 I recommend having, and how do you set something up like this? Well, stick around, because that's where we're going today.

Rooting for you ~ Gabe



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