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Ep 132 | Clutter vs clarity - what’s the difference? 3 tips to find clarity amid the clutter

April 1, 2022

Hey Winner,

I want you to think about THAT room ... you know, the room in your house that you have to shut the door to otherwise it stresses you out to see the mess? The room that receives anything that you don't know what to do with? The room that no matter how much you look at it, it doesn't clean itself? But now it's so full and cluttered that you have no idea where to start — so you keep putting it off?

Do you have a room like that? How does it make you feel when you walk into it?

Okay, now think for a moment about a room that is clear of clutter, minimalistic in nature, simple. Maybe it's your formal living room where no one ever hangs out? Or your formal dining room? What room is that for you? Do you have one?

How does it make you feel when you walk into that space?

This is the difference between clutter and clarity. These rooms (that I know you probably have at least one of each in your house) are symbolic of what goes on in our minds when we have clutter versus clarity, and this is what we're diving into today. We are going to talk about the 3 ways to find clarity amid the clutter in your mind.

Rooting for you ~ Gabe




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